testerone booster

Combined preparation has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antiallergic, antihistamine, local anesthetic effect.
The composition includes fluocortolone in two forms, that provides rapid onset of action and greater duration. Fluocortolone topically exposed edge prevents testerone booster the accumulation of neutrophils, which leads to a decrease in inflammatory exudate and lymphokine production, inhibition of macrophage migration, and reduce infiltration of granulation processes.
Tsinhokain – has a local anesthetic effect.

Hemorrhoids, superficial anal fissures, proctitis.

tuberculous or syphilitic processes, viral diseases (chicken pox, cowpox) in the field of application of the drug,
treatment of children and adolescents is not recommended due to lack of data on clinical trials; I trimester of pregnancy,
hypersensitivity to the drug.


Fluocortolone and fluocortolone pivalate hexanoate having different molecular weight and lipophilicity diffuse at different rates and as a result achieved with one hand more rapid effect, and on the other – of its long duration.

Fluocortolone hydrolyzed by esterases, enzymes inflammatory focus, to form fluocortolone 11-ketofluokortolona and pivalic acid.

Plasma half-life and its metabolites fluocortolone testerone booster after rectal administration were approximately 1.3 and 4 chasa respectively. Fluocortolone excreted as metabolites predominantly in the urine.

Pregnancy and lactation
As a general rule, topical preparations containing corticoids should not be applied in the first three months of pregnancy.
It is unlikely that is excreted in breast milk, the amount of glucocorticoid is sufficient to support any action.

Dosing and Administration
anal area should be cleaned thoroughly before using ultraprokt. It is best to apply Ultraproct after defecation. Usually, there is a rapid improvement, but this should not be a reason for stopping treatment too soon. To prevent recurrence Ultraproct should continue to apply more of at least one week, although a lower frequency (maz- 1 time per day or one day after suppository), even in the complete disappearance of symptoms. However, the duration of treatment should not exceed 4 weeks.

Rectal ointment
usually Ointment should be applied twice a day, the first day for the prompt relief of symptoms – up to 4 times. A small amount of ointment (about the size of a pea), should be distributed around the anus and inside the anal. To overcome the resistance of the sphincter of ointment should be applied with a fingertip. Before the introduction of the ointment to the rectum must be screwed into a tube attached applicator and put it into the anus. Then, gently pressing down on the tube, squeeze a small amount of ointment into the rectum. However, in the presence of a strong, causing acute inflammation pain Ultraproct recommended to apply a finger.

Speakers bumps should be heavily lubricated with ointment and gently push your finger back.

Rectal Suppositories
usually use one suppository daily, introducing it into the rectum. In severe in the first day, two or three times for one suppository is administered. However, when highly inflamed and painful hemorrhoids is recommended to start treatment with ointment. If under the influence of heat, suppositories soften, then they should be placed in cold water, without removing the packaging, then they will take again its previous form.

Side effects:
Burning, itching, dry skin. With long-term (more than 4 weeks) application ultraprokt can not exclude the occurrence of local concomitant symptoms such as atrophy of the skin, testerone booster teleangiaektazii, hypopigmentation.
Allergic skin reactions may occur in rare cases.

In accordance with the results of studies on acute toxicity and esters fluocortolone tsinhokaina unlikely manifestation of acute intoxication after a single rectal or perianal application ultraprokt even if accidental overdose. If accidentally orally taking the drug (e.g., ingestion of a few grams of ointment or several suppositories) probably mainly manifestation of side effects tsinhokaina somatic, which, depending on the dose, may manifest itself as severe cardiovascular symptoms (decreased cardiac activity up to stop heart), and symptoms of dysfunction of the central nervous system (convulsions, respiratory inhibition function until respiratory arrest).

Interaction with other medicinal products
Clinical Trials and use of the drug in medical practice did not reveal any incompatibility or interactions with other drugs.

If you have fungal infections in addition to ultraprokt requires appropriate antifungal therapy.
Avoid contact ultraprokt into or contact with eyes. After applying the ointment is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly.